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About Us

Hi, I'm Kim Cassidy, and I love dogs.

My love of dogs began on this property my parents purchased at 196 Elgin Road in 1981. Previously a gravel pit, their hard work transformed it into the place it is today. 

My family rescued a German Shorthaired Pointer named "Sniffer" when I was a teenager. Watching him roam this property freely, hunting and relaxing, was a joy. Over the last 25 years, my husband Tom and kids Cameron and Finn have enjoyed raising three more GSPs and 1 Coonhound.

Action Packs was born from my dog-walking business that I started in 2014. Throughout the years, I have walked countless dogs, neighbourhoods and kilometres. While putting on the KMs, I kept my dream alive thanks to my family. Eventually, I realized many of the dogs I walked could benefit from coming to this farm to play, sniff, socialize and be dogs.


Finally, we began constructing the park in September 2021 and opened Action Packs on March 14, 2022. Tom's background in construction was a great help in fulfilling our dream. His dedication and thousands of hours spent with your dogs in the field have led him to start working with a mentor in dog behaviour + dog training. Pat Duncan has helped him embrace the skills needed to be an effective pack leader and create a nurturing culture leading to a well-mannered pack. 

In October 2021, Kim completed the Karen Pryor "Puppy Start Right Preschool" training program, and we are looking forward to upcoming classes.

January 2023, we developed and launched our five-day boot camp program that continues to have great results for both our dogs and human pack members taking the program.


In February 2023, we received our first aid from Walks 'N' Wags to help make your fur babies safe when in our care. 

Stay tuned for the opening of our natural swim pond/ dog oasis! 

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